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“Made in Italy”: a day of tribute to Italian craftsmanship and innovation

Today marks an important milestone in the calendar of Italian culture and commerce, with the inauguration of a day dedicated to Made in Italy. The event showcases the craftsmanship, creativity and innovation that define Italy’s commercial landscape, particularly in the luxury and design sectors. In partnership with The Altagamma Foundation, an institution that promotes the excellence of Italian industries, this day provides a platform to highlight Italy’s pivotal role in the global luxury market.

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Kering: cornerstone of Italian industry

The luxury group Keringowners of houses such as Saint-Laurent, Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga, has a profound influence in Italy. Employing over 13,500 talented people, Kering has become a vital component of Italy’s socio-economic structure. The company supports around 94,000 full-time jobs across its 49 units in the country, ranging from industrial sites and manufacturing plants to product development centers, workshops, logistics hubs, laboratories and offices.

Kering’s operations contribute significantly to the Italian economy, accounting for 0.6 percent of the country’s GDP in 2022,” explains the group. A figure that underlines the Group’s extensive footprint and its role in enhancing Italy’s reputation as a leader in luxury goods.

Beyond its economic impact, Kering is committed to nurturing the next generation of artisans. The company invests in developing the technical, managerial and creative skills essential to the luxury sector.

In 2023, Kering’s sales amounted to around 19.6 billion euros. (source: Kering).

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