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Observing the valued world, the old is being destroyed. Realizing, at a crossroads, the importance of everyone’s commitment to a fairer and more transparent world. And this in all sectors.

To change our perspective, our value system, to undo our beliefs and face up to what we still have to do. We need to act now, each at our own level.

“Any real transformation will be preceded by a period of great discomfort, which is a sign that you’re on the right path.” (Ajahn Chah)

Are we on the right path?

In fashion, it is true that this transition period can only call into question old practices, both in fashion production such as the large chains that we all know and in its consumption.

Both leave us with unlimited scope to rethink all our codes.

That fashion becomes ethical, supportive, respectful of the environment and human rights by emphasizing what is most beautiful and most sustainable for our planet: this is our common goal!

Rather than separation, the world needs unity and companionship.

Encouragement from companies that are striving to implement a CSR approach, seeking to develop over time more ethical and sustainable practices in the way they operate.

It is in nature that I find calm, the perfectly orchestrated unity between the animal, vegetable and mineral worlds…

It is in nature that we find the essence of all forms. The senses. So we need to give fashion a new meaning.

To offer what I call “pearls of meaning”, founders of Pearls Magazine: articles, interviews, reflections and reports on all these committed players from all over the world – brands, creators, craftsmen or scientific researchers – co-creators of this new world.

Pearls magazine is an open and accessible publication. A platform that aims to highlight (new) practices in ethical fashion, presented with style to make you discover what this wonderful new world of fashion has in store for us.

You’ll be amazed! Organic materials, innovations, trends… It’s time to do good. Take the time to explore the news and get back to basics: the love of well done things.

Anne-Sophie Castro