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COP28: BioFluff launches Savian in collaboration with Stella McCartney

The bio-materials start-up based in New York and Paris, BioFluffis set to redefine luxury textiles by introducing an innovative, eco-friendly, plant-based alternative to conventional animal- and plastic-derived fabrics. At the United Nations Climate Action Conference 2023 (COP28) in Dubai, BioFluff announces the launch of Savian, its flagship luxury materials brand, in collaboration with Stella McCartney.

Savian represents a paradigm shift in luxury materials innovation, offering a collection of fabrics imitating fur, shearling and wool made from natural plant fibers,” explains BioFluff. Developed using exclusive technologies, this vegan collection is not only 100 percent GMO-free, but also incorporates natural and mineral colorants, presenting a wide range of sustainable materials.

A coat made from hemp, linen and nettle

As part of the COP28 “Stella McCartney Sustainable Marketplace: Innovating tomorrow’s solutions“, Savian unveiled its first coat: a creation inspired by Stella’s iconic designs. This long coat, a testament to McCartney’s commitment to alternatives to fur, was made entirely in Italy using an innovative approach inspired by nature and using plant fibers such as hemp, linen and nettle.

This creation represents the first fur coat made exclusively from genuine plant fibers, ensuring that no competition is created for animal or human food resources, as these fibers are by-products of agricultural crops.

About BioFluff

BioFluff’s rapid rise in the industry is underlined by its participation in La Maison des Startups LVMH 2022, becoming the youngest materials company to exhibit alongside Stella McCartney at COP28. Moreover, the successful closing of BioFluff’s seed round, securing a $2.5 million investment led by Astanor Ventures, signifies a resounding validation of its mission to sustainably revolutionize the textile industry.

With the support of blue-chip impact investors, we’re ready to expand our mission to revolutionize the textile industry by reducing reliance on animal-derived and synthetic products. This investment accelerates our vision of providing brands with superior materials for a cleaner future.“said Martin Stübler, CEO of BioFluff.

Founded in 2022 by a team of biotechnologists, experienced textile execs and tech fashion entrepreneurs, BioFluff is recognized for its commitment to sustainability and innovative approach.

Photo Credit : Stella McCartney

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