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Discover Vegtus, the vegan sneakers made of cactus

Vegtusis a brand of vegan, ecological and sustainable shoes made from cactus! After a long professional career in multinational companies and with more than fifteen years of experience in the world of fashion and footwear, Cristina Sabadelll, gave birth to her project. She tells us exclusively about her awareness and her journey with Vegtus since 2020.

“Vegtus was born in Barcelona during the Covid-19 pandemic, when I became aware of the responsibility we have towards the planet. The fashion industry is responsible for 10 per cent of carbon emissions. So I thought I should work on a brand that should be a reference in the fashion industry from a sustainable point of view. The idea materialised in a modern must-have, sneakers, made from an innovative and eco-responsible material: Nopal cactus pulp and corn fiber“, explains the founder of Vegtus.

Cristina Sabadell likes to lead a healthy life, she prefers to eat well, she practices yoga and makes the most of the little things in life while running her business. Sensitive to the suffering of animals and environmental damage, she has chosen vegan and cruelty-free materials to make her products.

“We use bio-based leathers such as cactus and corn, as well as laces, soles and linings made from recycled materials. All materials used to make Vegtus sneakers are designed to create trendy collections that are both comfortable and functional. »

Cristina Sabadell, fondatrice et CEO de Vegtus.

How is the cactus fibre harvested?

The harvesting of cactus fibre starts with the pruning of the mature leaves of the Nopal cactus. “Once selected, they are left to dry in the sun for three days until they reach the right moisture content, and then they are crushed until they become cactus fibre. They are then ready to be processed to create the cactus leather sheets. Once in the workshop, these sheets are cut, sewn and assembled according to the different models.” Everything is made in Spain.

Vegtus was first launched for online sales, but now the brand has more than 150 outlets across Europe. “Our goal is to make Vegtus a reference for sustainable fashion. To achieve this, several projects are underway, both in terms of product expansion and branding.”

Photos: Vegtus.