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SQIM: new mycelium-based materials

At the heart of environmental challenges, Italian company SQIM stands out as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. With its pioneering mycelium-based technologies, SQIM is reshaping our relationship with the natural world. SQIM’s mission? A deep commitment to fostering a regenerative material culture that harmonizes human activity with the delicate rhythms of the ecosystem. Thanks to its proprietary processes and expertise, SQIM cultivates selected species of fungal mycelium to create some of the most innovative, high-quality materials, particularly for the luxury goods industry.

Ephea x Balenciaga

SQIM’s approach is transformative: it exploits the regenerative capacities of fungal mycelium. Fed with organic residues and by-products from various industries, this mycelium is guided through specialized fermentation processes. The result?A wide range of materials suitable for many applications, marking a significant shift from the traditional paradigm of exploitation and disposal towards regeneration and collaboration with nature.“says the Italian company.

Ephea x Balenciaga

Ephea for fashion and Mogu for interior design and architecture

The environmental benefits of SQIM technologies are profound and well-documented, offering a sustainable and fast alternative to conventional materials. This is demonstrated by the company’s impact in several key industries through its two main verticals: Ephea and Mogu. Ephea has revolutionized the fashion industry by delivering flexible mycelium-based materials that challenge traditional values and open up new possibilities for sustainable fashion. Meanwhile, Mogu is making waves in interior design and architecture, offering products that promote a more responsible interaction with our environment.

Located in Inarzo, Italy, SQIM’s innovative spirit shows that technology can create a better world. Its mycelium-based products minimize environmental impact and also maintain high standards of performance, quality and aesthetics.

Photos: SQIM/Ephea

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