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GOTS makes certification easier for small businesses

In an innovative move to make fashion more sustainable and ethical, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) has officially launched the Controlled Supply Chain Scheme (CSCS). This new system is designed to remove the financial and administrative barriers that have hitherto limited access to GOTS certification for small and medium-sized businesses. Recognized for integrating strict social and environmental criteria, this certification marks a turning point for players in the textile sector concerned about the impact of their production.

How does it work?

The CSCS is a breath of fresh air for small businesses. It proposes a simplified control and audit model, enabling the grouping of 8 to 30 companies, provided each has at least 20 employees. This grouping is then treated as a single certifiable entity, considerably reducing the cost and complexity of the certification process. This pilot project, launched in 2022, is now entering a crucial evaluation phase aimed at optimizing it.

The first beneficiary of this innovative system is Japanese textile company Sankei Meriyasu a supplier of well-known brands such as Sainteté and Eiji. This award highlights not only its pioneering commitment to responsible fashion, but also the potential impact of this initiative on Japan’s textile industry, rich in tradition.

Rahul Bhajekar, Managing Director of GOTS, underlines the disruptive potential of CSCS: “It will give small businesses the ability to participate fully in the green supply chain, revolutionizing the scope of our certification.“This pilot project is proving promising, demonstrating the effectiveness of the program in overcoming obstacles and opening up new opportunities. The ambition is to fine-tune the system for global application.

GOTS, which has been in existence for two decades, has certified 13,549 production centers in 84 countries by 2022, testifying to sustained growth. The organization collaborates with 24 certification bodies around the world, affirming its commitment to a broader ecological textile market, to the benefit of producers and consumers alike.

Expanding access to GOTS certification is a decisive step towards a future where responsible practices are the norm. “We are ready to lead the way and set the standard for the global transformation of the textile sector.”concludes the GOTS Managing Director, underlining the importance of innovation, sustainability and empowerment in the sector.

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