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Icebreaker: 96.14% plastic-free and a commitment to regenerative agriculture

In a world where environmental excellence is becoming a key objective for brands, Icebreaker is setting itself apart with an unusual but profoundly inspiring announcement. In its ambitious quest to become 100 percent plastic-free, the New Zealand brand reveals that it has achieved 96.14 percent, a result it sees as a significant step towards a more sustainable future. This admission of “failure” – of not yet having reached the 100 percent mark for plastic-free products – reflects a philosophy of “doing better, not perfect”.

In 2019, Icebreaker set itself the goal of completely eliminating plastic from its products by 2023. Today, the brand admits that it has not yet fully achieved this goal, while highlighting the progress it has made. This transparent approach highlights how far we’ve come and how much remains to be done, reinforcing the idea that the last few percentages to be conquered will be the most rewarding.

Merino wool from regenerative agriculture

This announcement is part of a wider strategy to promote sustainability within the industry. And today, the brand pledges to continue innovating to one day achieve a total absence of plastic, while focusing on its next big project: sourcing wool exclusively from producers practicing regenerative agriculture by 2028.

The complete traceability of its merino wool to its source demonstrates the brand’s commitment to responsible sourcing. In collaboration with New Zealand Merino Companythe brand has established an innovative 10-year supply contract, strengthening its relationship with producers and underlining its commitment to sustainable ecosystem management.

Icebreaker’s membership of the NZM ZQRX program, with the participation of 100 percent of its Growers Club members, embodies its commitment to promoting regeneratively grown wool.

The 100 percent merino base layer collection

With its collection of 100 percent merino base layers, Icebreaker offers a natural alternative to synthetics, highlighting the exceptional qualities of merino wool. The Oasis 200 and 300 MerinoFine Polar models illustrate the brand’s commitment to offering high-performance, comfortable, all-natural garments suitable for all weather conditions.

Photo Credit : Icebreaker

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