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Kering and the London College of Fashion celebrate 10 years of partnership

Kering, the French luxury giant, takes a further step in its commitment to sustainable development and strengthens its collaboration with the London College of Fashion. To celebrate the tenth year of partnership with the Center for Sustainable Fashion (CSF), Kering is launching a brand new program focusing on sustainable governance models.

Over the past ten years, the union between Kering and the CSF has already borne fruit, with the introduction of the Kering x CSF program for students at the London College of Fashion and the development of the Fashion Values MOOC, accessible free of charge. These initiatives have paved the way for a more responsible and ethical approach to fashion. This time, the new three-year curriculum goes one step further, aiming to train tomorrow’s leaders in the development of innovative and sustainable governance practices.

Center for Sustainable Fashion

Interspecies, intergenerational and intragenerational justice

This unique program will focus on the principles of interspecies, intergenerational and intragenerational justice, incorporating Johan Rockström’s “3Is”, to design innovative governance models. “Students, working in committees, will be involved in multidisciplinary research and benefit from exchanges with leading researchers, enabling them to develop an in-depth understanding of the challenges of sustainable development in the fashion sector.“explains the luxury group.

Developing a holistic approach

Marie-Claire Daveu, Director of Sustainable Development and Institutional Affairs at Kering, underlines the importance of this collaboration: “To train future generations for the challenges of sustainable development, it is essential to work closely with academic institutions to develop a holistic approach. Our long-standing partnership with the CSF bears witness to our shared commitment to promoting young talent and encouraging fashion professionals to integrate sustainable development at the heart of their practice.

With over 42,000 employees and sales of 19.6 billion euros in 2023, Kering proves, once again, that luxury can rhyme with environmental and social responsibility.

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