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Fashion & well-being: do you know haramaki?

The latest trend in health fashion: haramaki. A fabric band to fit around the waist that retains body heat and prevents sudden temperature changes. Haramaki has multiple health benefits, whether during pregnancy, at rest or while practicing sports, as it increases blood circulation to the main organs, transmitting a pleasant sensation of comfort.


The origins of haramaki

Historically, haramaki served as protective underwear for Japanese warriors, the samurai, who used it to protect their abdomens from injury while keeping their bodies warm under their armor. This pragmatic use gradually gave way to more everyday use, extending to the general population, who discovered in haramaki an effective way of keeping the vital stomach and lower back area warm.

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From health to fashion accessory

In modern Japan, haramaki’s renewed popularity is not only due to its primary function of keeping warm. It has also become a fashion accessory in its own right, adopting a variety of designs, from simple and functional to colorful and printed, and appealing to men and women of all ages. Beyond its practicality, many enthusiasts credit it with health benefits such as improving blood circulation and aiding digestion, in keeping with a long-standing Asian tradition of valuing central body heat for general well-being.

The popularity of haramaki has spread beyond Japan’s borders, appealing to an international audience in search of authenticity, comfort and style. Today, brands and boutiques all over the world offer these traditional Japanese fashion accessories, each adding their own personal touch to this heritage.

For fans of ethically-made haramaki, some European brands such as Happy Belly Barcelona and Llanatura offer them in organic cotton and virgin wool from local sheep.

Photos: Happy Belly Barcelona and Llanatura

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