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Discover 3 top brands seen at Who’s Next

Here are three committed fashion brands from France, India and South Korea !


Pelmel Paris is a young, ultra-feminine upcycling brand, founded by Chloé Bruandet, which uses dormant stocks of fabrics from Haute Couture houses.

The models on offer, including dresses, jumpsuits, trousers and jackets, are inspired by a vintage, chic, Parisian style. They are made using the traditional method, piece by piece, in a workshop near Bordeaux.

And to take reasoned purchasing a step further, Pelmel Paris offers a pre-order system in addition to the express purchase of products available on its website, to avoid stock-outs.

Pelmel paris

re-by Adiv Pure Nature (India)

re-by Adiv Pure Nature is an ongoing exploration of textile waste recycling and natural dyeing.

For summer 2024, the Indian label, founded by Rupa Trivedi, is going back to the first prints made using hand-painting techniques on natural textiles with vegetable dyes.

« We’ve adapted traditional shibori techniques to create unique prints inspired by the shapes of nature. A large proportion of our textiles are hand-woven using GRS-certified recycled textile yarns or GOTS-certified organic cotton yarns.. »

re-by Adiv Pure Nature


Shell Corporation is a Korean brand of outdoor clothing for women “looking for outdoor thrills at the weekend. »

« Because 75 per cent of the Korean peninsula is made up of mountains, being born and raised as a Korean means that we can run from the streets of the city to the tops of hills and mountains. »

Elegant, eco-friendly clothing that combines style and functionality, made from carbon-neutral fabrics.

Shell Corporation

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