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Textile innovation: the Vezavena x Pyratex combo

If you haven’t heard of Vezavena now’s your chance to find out! Spanish responsible fashion brand specializing in luxury knitwear announces collaboration with textile innovation company Pyratex. The two entities join forces to launch a capsule collection of essentials, with the introduction of novel, eco-friendly yarn blends.

The fruit of a marriage between traditional craftsmanship and textile innovation, this collection features blends of seaweed-based fibers, organic cotton and extra-fine merino wool.

Vezavena also introduced a Cut & Sew collection, exploiting Pyratex jersey fabrics made from plant fibers and algae. This material choice offers an ecological alternative to conventional fibers, and also confers skin-friendly properties, thanks to materials of plant origin.

Discover the PYRATEX® Knitwear Lab

The collaboration has also given rise to the PYRATEX® Knitwear Lab, a pioneering initiative offering a complete service, from research and development to final production. This laboratory is committed to developing new natural, regenerative and recycled fibers, enriching the knitwear industry with a palette of innovative yarn blends.

The Cut & Sew collection is already available on the Vezavena.com and the capsule collection will be launched in July, enriching the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2024 collection.

Photos: Vezavena x Pyratex

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