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Fabricio Mancebo, the brand genius who turns visions into reality

In the exciting world of brands, where creativity is intertwined with strategy, and sustainability is no longer an option, a name is emerging that is redefining the landscape: Fabricio Mancebo.

At 28, he began his career collaborating with Saatchi & Saatchi, then opened his own creative boutique, embracing each experience with unrivalled passion. His journey has been an exciting and challenging one, marked by openness to new opportunities and the constant search for innovative challenges beyond the boundaries of fashion. Over the past four years, he has worked on branding, marketing, sustainability and circularity projects with Ecolife and Desigual, El Ganso, H&M, Diesel, the Kering groups, Albini and Ternua, Blue Banana, Hugo Boss and Decathlon, among others. Fabricio Mancebo also lectures at various universities and business schools.

Conference at the Inspiration Day on the success of the Ecolife by Belda Llorens branding strategy.

In his role as Chief Brand Officer, he has challenged the codes in Spain, where this role is still not very common, unlike in countries like Denmark or the Netherlands. Mancebo doesn’t just occupy a position, he brings with him a working method proven and perfected over the years in 360-degree brand management with suprising results.

From design to branding and marketing

From the outset, Fabricio Mancebo has understood the strategic importance for a brand of transforming what is complex into a simple but powerful idea. His approach involves in-depth analysis and clarification of ideas to precisely identify challenges. But its distinctive skill lies in transforming this strategy into a 360-degree activation, addressing a comprehensive plan that contributes to all parts of the business, from people to technology, innovation, product, sustainability and of course design, communication and marketing.

For me, the brand is on the same level as the company and works in collaboration with it, and marketing is at the service of both, not the other way around,” emphasizes Mancebo.

With the spanish chef Martín Bersategui, 12 Michelin stars.

His multidisciplinary vision encompasses technology, product innovation, communication, design, public relations, sustainability and much more. The expert argues thata company needs to absorb all these components to be coherent and establish an emotional connection with the consumer and society.

“To be a sustainable brand, you have to leave selfishness behind and focus more on benefiting people, both internal and external to the company, and society, in addition of course to the undeniable business orientation,” says Fabricio Mancebo.

At ELLE Spain, during the Masterclasses on the spaces conception and branding strategies.

Trained in advertising and with programs and masters degrees in branding, artificial intelligence, innovation and architecture, Fabricio Mancebo is always on the cutting edge, incorporating up-to-date knowledge into every project. Its commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in its approach to the ecological transition. He warns that brands often overlook this need, stressing the importance of putting selfishness aside and contributing to society.

“Today,a company cannot be born without a sustainable approach and DNA,” he explains. This commitment is reflected in his work with Ecolife, a B2B brand of the Spanish textile group Belda Llorens, which he has transformed into a sustainable force in the fashion and home textiles sector.

Design for a sustainable fashion campaign.

Knowing how to build legacies

With over 17 years at the helm of strategy, brand activations, creativity and innovation, Mancebo has left an indelible mark on the world of brands. He has strengthened products and companies with new strategies, ideas and global activations, demonstrating that his multi-sector, multi-disciplinary vision is crucial to 360-degree brand management.

Fabricio Mancebo has not only written his history in traditional fashion and textile projects, but has also taken his curiosity and versatility to disruptive challenges in fields such asinterior architecture, technology and product design.

Presentation of the book “The Revolution of Brands”

In short, its vocation is not just to build brands, but heritages. After publishing his first book“The Revolution of Brands” (Círculo Rojo, 2021), a story full of ideas and reflections on the present and future of brands, his unique methodology is ready to be shared with the world through a second book that will explore every phase of his process and how it can be applied to achieve success.

Photos: Fabricio Mancebo

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