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Marine Guillon (Divine Harmonie) : “I want to awaken people to the energies”.

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This is a revolutionary concept.Marine Guillon is a fashion designer. But she is also a lightworker. At the age of 28, her sensitivity is such that her creative work with Divine Harmonie is carried out in tandem with beings of light. Yes ! Marine anchors in matter – on her ethically and spiritually designed clothes – the messages she channels with the invisible world – the Universe – with the sole aim of raising awareness through her favourite tool: fashion. What if the ultimate in ethical fashion was intention? The intention to do things well, but also to create and wear clothes imbued with the highest vibratory frequency: that of universal love. What effects would it have on our physical body and our soul? The world ? In this interview, Marine Guillon leads the way.

« I love Light, Beauty and Purity. »

Marine Guillon, founder of Divine Harmonie.

Who are you and what is your academic and professional background?

I’ve always been passionate about fashion. When I was young, I wanted to be a stylist or a vet. I sewed my dolls’ clothes.

I did a Master in International Business and specialised in luxury and fashion marketing. At that time I already wanted to create my own clothing brand. After my studies, I worked for five years in luxury brands such as Loewe and Kenzo, and in designer brands, as a product developer.

At the same time, I practise spirituality on a daily basis through meditation, courses and books, and I’m interested in everything subtle.

« When you believe what you can’t see and feel,

a new world is opening up to us.


When did you launch Divine Harmonie ?

I did my first sketches about a year ago and launched Divine Harmonie last September.

What is your vision of fashion today?

We’ve reached a stage where we’re looking for meaning in everything. Fashion can no longer be simply aesthetic. It must bring us something deeper. Respect for the planet is also increasingly important and, at the other end of the scale, fast fashion continues to develop, where consumption is pushed to the extreme. For me, ephemeral fashion should no longer exist. A garment should always be loved and worn, whether it’s trendy or not. It’s the trend that creates over-consumption, pollution and compulsive shopping to satisfy the ego. To fill an often existential void.

« Clothes must accompany us throughout our lives, in a lasting, authentic way, like a benevolent friend who brings us a great deal of love and joy.. »


Your brand is called Divine Harmony… How would you define harmony?

Harmony is perfect resonance, beauty, balance, alignment with everything.

Harmony is always pleasant, it feels good, it is divine perfection materialised.

What pieces are in the collection?

I started by creating six pieces in sizes XS to XL. My range of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton designs includes unisex T-shirts and sweatshirts, tops, dresses and trousers.

Sweatshirts and t-shirts are timeless designs featuring sacred geometry motifs, such as the chakras or the flower of life.

I also offer unisex jumpers with flared sleeves, pullovers and trousers. Most of the garments in the collection are unisex so that the Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energies – of which we are made up, whether we are a man or a woman – are balanced and offer total well-being when wearing the garment.

The collection also includes a pure white wool twill dress with a malachite donut belt, made in very small quantities; Yin & Yang leather ankle boots, recycled cotton tote bags and semi-precious stone bracelets, for lithotherapy, to complement the energies of her outfit. The embroideries are energetic symbols made with guidance.

Tell us about your materials: which ones do you use and where do they come from?

I have lots of designs in GOTS organic cotton, made in Portugal. The merino wool for the jumpers comes from Italy and is knitted in France.

The white dress is made from Oeko-Tex-certified wool twill and lined in silk and cotton. It is produced in a workshop in Paris.

The boots are made from LWG (Leather Working Group) calf leather. The Tote bags are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified, made from recycled plastic bottles from India and Spanish cotton. They are made in France.

« I want to be like the sun. To spread love, light, joy and warmth to everyone, unconditionally, infinitely and steadily. »


What do you call “spiritual clothing”?

Spiritual clothing is designed to bring particular energies to the wearer. They were created by being connected to beings of light, in other words, by making the link between heaven and earth, to help you on an energetic level. For example, by creating the throat chakra sweatshirt (in Sanskrit: vishuda), which helps you to communicate fluidly and authentically, express your creativity and connect with the truth of your soul.

The energies of spiritual clothing have a very high vibratory level. You can feel these energies if you are sensitive to them or if you learn to feel. In any case, if you believe in it, the energies will flow through your body and around you, whether you feel it or not.

Another important point is washing. Divine Harmonie clothes are charged with energies and washing does not remove them. On the contrary, washing them will regenerate them. And to recharge them energetically, we can simply visualise a beam of white light on the garment and ask the angels to recharge it with the highest vibratory frequency that is in tune with our energies. The Universe and our guides are always working with us!

When it comes to the ‘negative’ energies that surround us, the spiritual garment acts as a protective shield.

Can you describe your creative process?

When I “create”, it’s not me who does it, it’s the guides of light, also known as our angels, archangels or ascended masters. Inspiration comes “from above”… They are the ones who accompany us in our evolutionary process on Earth.

During the creative process, I sit down, close my eyes and naturally channel myself: I receive messages and images, feelings…

For the creation of the clothes and logo for Divine Harmonie, it always happened in the evening when I was calm and relaxed, because I worked a lot during the day. Sometimes my guidance would even wake me up at night… I’d see an image, like a luminous idea, that would suddenly come to me in a very clear way and that would do me a lot of good. I began to draw my vision on paper, instinctively, as if a being of light were moving inside me and we were sketching together. Moreover, the designs always turn out to be really pretty, and every time I see them I know they’ll be part of my collection.

I also receive guidance on colours, materials and details such as embroidery and buttons. I’ve been given almost the entire technical file! The same process was used to find the brand name. I knew the energy it could give off. It was a no-brainer. I couldn’t have any doubts. When we think, we’re in the mind, and it’s in the mind that we lose ourselves most easily… In creation, it’s not necessarily useful to wear clothes with a mental energy, “where you already are…”. This is something much higher in vibration. And when we connect on a higher frequency, to the Source, the Universe, God (without any religious connotation), this will have an effect on creation and that’s what’s so magical!

When I channel, I feel like I’m in heaven! I feel wonderful, accompanied by beings of light, blessed with love and joy, everything is flowing. It’s that genuine, pure love that I feel that does so much good. A meditative state of creation.

Why is Divine Harmonie full of beautiful energy?

For me, everything is energy. So the clothes too. With Divine Harmonie I want to spread love and energy through clothing because today, what we wear isn’t always very positive from an energy point of view. I want to help awaken people to energy, to make them realise that everything is energy and that it has an impact on our lives. We’re here on Earth to learn and evolve, to see new things and concepts, to experiment…

« When you buy a Divine Harmonie piece, you’re buying energy, not just quality fabric and style. »


How are your products distributed?

For the moment, I market Divine Harmonie mainly through my website. I use Shopify. It’s a superb tool that allows me to sell internationally.

I also take part in pop-up stores. From 4 to 10 December, we’ll be in the La Hotte des Créateurs pop-up store at 18 rue de Turenne in Paris (IV), just off Place des Vosges. I’m also thinking of developing my distribution in yoga centres or places dedicated to natural and energy therapies. Divine Harmonie could also be integrated into a department store, to reach a wider customer base, but the space would have to be purified so that the energy is clean…

What are your projects ?

I want to raise the brand’s profile and help as many people as possible to understand the energy system in clothing. Using clothes to spread as much love and light as possible.

I’d also like to organise an event. An extraordinary fashion show, where the models are chosen for their vibratory frequency, with channelled sounds that flood the audience with love and light!

Pop up store la Hotte des Créateurs :

From 4 to 10 December at 18 rue de Turenne, 75004 Paris, just off Place des Vosges (France).

Open Monday to Sunday, 11am to 7pm.

Photos : Divine Harmonie

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