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From Finland to Mallorca, a textile and sustainable journey

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From the cold lands of Finland to the Mediterranean heat of the Balearic Islands, the journey of Cecilia Sörensen has woven a unique story. In 1998, she moved to Barcelona to set up her own label and work on parallel projects for the Camper shoe brand. Each visit to the offices of the Mallorcan multinational awakened a special connection in her, and five years ago she decided to settle on the island.

My passion for fashion and sustainability led me to found my own womenswear brand, focusing on natural fabrics. We use GOTS-certified organic cotton and Oeko-Tex-certified dyeing processes to ensure that our garments are not only stylish, but also kind to skin and the environment.”

While 90 percent of the brand’s fabrics are made in Barcelona, the designer, despite the cost of her operations, has chosen to produce in Mallorca, committing herself to local production. “This approach not only supports the local economy, but also allows me to be in close contact with the workshop, run by women, and oversee every phase of the manufacturing process.”

The Autumn/Winter 2023-24 collection reflects her evolution as a product designer. In fact, Cecilia doesn’t limit herself to specific themes in each collection; her approach is focused on timeless quality. “The garments are more than just fashion elements; they are high-quality pieces destined to endure over time, connecting one collection to the next.”

In a world where fast fashion prevails, her brand is aligned with slow, conscious fashion, a philosophy she has embraced since her early days in fashion. After having shown in Barcelona and Tokyo, Cecilia Sörensen distributes her creations in 35 small independent boutiques around the world. “My world is populated by inspiring women, both in our workshop in Mallorca and in the boutiques where we are present.”

From recycling to upcycling

Initially, the designer recycled materials for her collections. “When I started out in the 2000s, 100 percent of the materials I used were recycled, but this has become very complicated. At first, I bought vintage clothes in France by kilo (like YSL white shirts, for example), then the quality dropped, and I received batches of clothes with a lot of polyester, which I had to send for recycling as I couldn’t use synthetic materials.

With her human-scale brand, she finds richness in her network and enjoys every facet of her work. “I’m currently taking part in a project organized by the IDE of the Consell de Mallorca: upcycling old sheets from hotels on the island.” These hard-wearing sheets will be transformed into a capsule collection for next summer, with five specially designed pieces, fusing history and fashion in a unique way.”

Attached to the emotional value of things, Cecilia also transforms clothing to order, such as shirts belonging to our ancestors, to give them a second life.

“For me, fashion goes beyond the commercial; it’s an art that tells stories and embraces sustainability.”

Cecilia Sörensen

From Finland to Mallorca, her textile journey continues, interweaving a passion for fashion with a commitment to a more sustainable future.

Photos: Cecilia Sörensen

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