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Milan Fashion Week : the WSO returns with its ethical and sustainable showroom

The World Sustainability Organization is returning to Milan Fashion Week from 19 to 25 September with its fourth “Ethical & Sustainable Showroom” and a new project entitled “Beyond the Claim”.

What is the WSO ?

The World Sustainability Organization (WSO) is an international company conceived and founded by Paolo Bray in 2008 to promote environmental protection through certification of sustainable products and services.

The WSO operates through two certification programmes: Friend of the Sea, for products from sustainable fishing and aquaculture, and Friend of the Earth, for products from sustainable farming and livestock breeding. The aim of both programmes is to pursue a humanitarian mission to protect the environment and the ecosystem as a whole.

In 2016, Friend of the Earth was introduced as an international certification for sustainable agriculture and sustainable livestock farming. The certification was developed within the framework of the SAFA guidelines (Assessing the Sustainability of Food and Agricultural Systems) of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, whose principles are based on safeguarding and protecting the ecosystem.

Sustainable certification for fashion

In 2020, Friend of the Earth established a sustainable certification for the fashion industry. The aim was to promote environmentally-friendly practices involving a brand’s entire production chain: from the sourcing and processing of raw materials to working conditions, logistics and packaging facilities. These practices have led to a reduction in environmental impact and waste.

WSO presents its Spring/Summer 2024 collections at Milan Fashion Week thanks to its latest project “Beyond the Claim” and welcomes eleven designers from different countries to present clothing and accessories for men and women with in-depth research, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and organic or recycled materials: Natural Cotton Color, Celeste, Demode, Tropicca, Pacoaeco, Apex – Brazilian partner; Zoe Klose (Switzerland); Mamiki & Caruso Wearable Art (Italy); Esien (Nigeria); Esmee (United Kingdom); Katharyne Story (United States) : Kaoné (Kosovo)

The collections will continue to be available in the “Sustainable Friends” concept store, which will open in February 2023 at Galleria Passarella 1 in Milan, as part of the WSO project.

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