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Healthy Fashion (I): “Plants are the future of fashion”.

Are the clothes we wear nowadays good for our health? Or, on the contrary, are they a hindrance to our evolution, both as individuals and as a society?

After noticing a general void of meaning in fashion, Alyssa Couture offers a completely new, even revolutionary vision. Its health-centred approach is holistic. She goes beyond the facts, delving into the intangible to take stock of the situation. We’ll discover her thoughts synthesized into 4 parts in this series entitled “Healthy Fashion”, taken from the name of her book: “Healthy Fashion, The Deeper Truths”.

Alyssa Couture

Alyssa Couture is American and lives in California. She is an author, fashion designer and entrepreneur. Expert and intuitive, she has a 360-degree vision of fashion, having worked in fashion product design, art direction, styling, merchandising, journalism, retail sales and even runway production. His lifestyle is based on spirituality. She practices meditation and has also lived in several ashrams and monasteries.

Her mission? To use fashion as a modern, therapeutic tool for living fully in today’s world. In this book, the author introduces human consciousness through fashion. She passes on the knowledge she has acquired through her experience, in the service of health and well-being, for planetary awakening.

“These are exciting times. It’s the perfect time to introduce healthy fashion concepts. Healthy Fashion is an enlightening guide to this modern era. We’re in a time of spiritual and planetary awakening, and the fashion industry is in transition right now. Healthy Fashion promotes a new way of producing and consuming, with the aim of healing body, mind and spirit.”

“Any tendency to consider clothes as frivolity perfectly illustrates a disconnection from oneself, the Earth and the Universe. (…) Unhealthy clothing shows a lack, an emptiness. It’s a form of further contribution to the artificial toxicities of the world.”

Alyssa Couture

Plant fashion, a sacred and healing art

“Plant-based fabrics are the ultimate to wear for health and well-being. Our relationship with plants goes back a long way. Dressing in plant fashion is a sacred and healing art “. For Alyssa Couture, there is a wide range of plants to transform into fabrics, such as seaweed or wild herbs…

“By choosing a fashion based on nature, our body reaps all the benefits and can achieve complete healing of its suffering. Unhealthy fashion, on the other hand, is empty-spirited. It is focused on a single unhealthy type of fulfillment, based on the ego. Its impure vibration is not tolerated by the body. It becomes sick.”

The author points out that synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon and acrylic are obviously not the healthiest. In fact, their chemical composition differs completely from that of the human body. These materials are therefore harmful, often unbreathable, allergenic and cancerous. “Yet almost all of us are still wearing synthetic fabrics derived from petroleum, and it’s normal to continue wearing them in this period of transition.”

A physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effect

In his book, “Healthy Fashion, The Deeper Truths”, the benefits of plant-based fabrics on the physical body are spelled out, as are the drawbacks of petroleum-based and animal-based fabrics.

Creating more unity in the world also involves a fashion that will have a more beneficial effect on our mental health. Healthier, more ethical fashion would have a conscience-boosting impact on our minds. Alyssa Couture explains the ideal fashion archetype inspired by Jungian archetypes, which create awareness and enlightenment for both wearer and observer.

Both the emotional and energetic bodies are strongly influenced by fashion. Choosing fashion that celebrates and embraces human emotions supports the wearer. Here, the author includes ways in which clothing can engender positive emotions, and release negative energy and toxic emotions.

“In Healthy Fashion, I talk about how we can use fashion as a spiritual channel to be in higher realms and higher states of existence. Bring the divine into fashion and choose fashions that celebrate the soul and spirit.”


Look out for Part 2 of the “Healthy Fashion” series in our magazine.