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Innovation in biomaterials: Biofabricate Summit goes to Paris

Biofabricate, at the forefront of innovation in biomaterials, is preparing to launch its first edition in Paris after ten years in existence. From 10 to 12 January 2024, the world’s leading organic innovation community will gather at the Fiminco Foundation in Romainville, creating an alliance between the site’s biotechnology manufacturing heritage and its current role as a centre for contemporary cultural development.

Shaping the future: Combining biotechnology and creativity

The three-day summit promises an unprecedented convergence of innovators, brands and investors, showcasing ground-breaking advances to drive the future of cultivated materials and ingredients. Through conferences with sustainability leaders, Biofabricate aims to write the next chapter in our material revolution, moving away from petrochemicals and towards sustainable biomaterials.

Suzanne Lee, the founder of Biofabricate, underlines the importance of Paris as the new destination for the event, saying: “Bringing the Biofabricate summit to Paris is a strategic decision. It’s the nexus of luxury and emerging European sustainability regulations, two driving forces behind bio-innovation.”

Integrating the beauty and fashion industry

This summit in Paris marks a decisive moment for Biofabricate, broadening its scope to include organically sourced ingredients for the beauty industry in addition to its traditional focus on fashion-centric discussions. At a time when consumers are calling for greener cosmetics, the beauty industry is looking for sustainable and organic alternatives, perfectly in line with Biofabricate’s mission to shape a future inspired by nature for beauty.

Sustainable innovation partner membership

By teaming up with Biofabricate, global luxury group Kering is positioning itself as a main sponsor, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and innovation in the fashion industry. Marie Claire Daveu, Director of Sustainability and Institutional Affairs at Kering, highlights the Group’s commitment to transforming the business model towards sustainable practices.

In addition, MycoWorks, a leader in biosynthetic leather alternatives made from mycelium, is joining as a sponsor, reiterating the sentiment to transform the luxury industry with biomaterials.

Parley for the Oceans

Parley for the Oceans, a long-standing partner of Biofabricate, continues its vital environmental advocacy, striving to eliminate fossil fuel-based plastics through creativity, collaboration and eco-innovation.

Founded in 2014 by Suzanne Lee, Biofabricate is a global network driving innovation in biomaterials across a range of sectors. Through strategic advice and design-led events in New York, London and now Paris, Biofabricate facilitates investment and partnerships by showcasing cutting-edge innovations, heralding a future built on sustainable biomaterials.

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