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Hemp: 9 good reasons to wear it!

France is the leading producer of hemp in Europe. In 2022, 21,700 hectares of hemp were cultivated in France, including 1,800 hectares in seed production, according to the organisation Interchanvre.org. This non-psychoactive species of Cannabis sativa L. can be a sustainable source for the production of thousands of products, ranging from food and building materials to biofuel, bioplastics, hemp oil products, CBD, paper, cellophane and even textiles and fashion accessories. The age-old natural fibre, once used to make marine rope or uniforms for soldiers in World War II due to its high strength, is now an ethical and eco-responsible alternative for fashion. Used pure or mixed with other fibres such as cotton, silk or lyocell, to obtain clothing of various qualities, let’s discover 9 benefits of hemp!

1-Growing hemp requires less water

Water is becoming a rare commodity. Between drought and pollution, if we can avoid water consumption, we might as well do it! Unlike cotton, the most widely used fabric in the world today, which requires 22,500 litres of water per kilo, hemp requires only a quarter of that amount. And in some regions, it can be grown twice or more per growing season.

2-Growing hemp is environmentally friendly

Yes, because it is more environmentally friendly than cotton and other natural fibers. Instead of depleting the nutrients in the soil, hemp has the ability to renew them with each growing cycle. Its long roots aerate the soil and help prevent erosion and retain topsoil.

3-Hemp is more resistant than cotton

Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres on the planet. Clothes made from hemp will show signs of wear and tear longer than other clothes.

4-Hemp brings softness and comfort to clothing

While hemp fabric is naturally very soft, over time, after being worn, washed and dried several times, it will be more comfortable. Wear and tear does not affect the quality of the fiber.

5-Hemp clothing breathes well and dries quickly

Because hemp fibre is porous, it has very high breathability and insulating properties. Indeed, hemp clothes preserve body temperature while allowing the skin to breathe freely.

6- Hemp is antibacterial

Another advantage of hemp clothing is that its fibres are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. The fresh, clean feeling will last longer on the skin than other fabrics.

7-It protects against UV rays

Hemp clothing has a high resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Whether dry or wet, the fabric has natural sun protection qualities, blocking 95-99% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays that can damage the skin.

8-Cultivation of hemp does not require any pesticides

Hemp, unlike cotton, which requires a large amount of pesticides and insecticides sprayed on crops and soils around the world, can be grown without chemicals and does not cause water contamination or skin allergies.

9-The hemp plant absorbs more CO2

Generally, agricultural production has a positive carbon footprint… But in the case of hemp it is negative because the plant absorbs more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere during its growth compared to the equipment used for harvesting, processing and transport. By not emitting any CO2, the atmosphere is not warmed up (climatically).

Photo : Pexels.

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