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Sui Generis Art Wear : a brand committed to autism

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Elisa Serra Negra is from Brazil. She is a fashion designer and an agricultural engineer. Since the creation of Sui Generis Art Wearthe brand she launched ten years ago, she has decided to take the plunge into sustainable development by researching and developing new products. fabrics made from natural fibresby responding to concerns about waste production and actively supporting autism. For the first time, she is taking part in Who’s Next,the major fashion event in Paris, to present its magnificent collection and deliver an inspiring message.

Elia Serra Negra, Founder of Sui Generis Art Wear.

What type of products do you offer ?

Sui Generis is a brand of ready-to-wear. We offer shirts, blouses, tops and dresses with exclusive prints created by autistic artists.

What fibres or materials do you use and where do they come from?

The fabrics used are mainly cotton, lyocell, modal and linen. They are all produced in Brazil and benefit from certifications such as BCI Cotton, Lenzing lyocell and modal. They are free from toxic pigments.

Where do you make your clothes ?

All the clothes are produced in Brazil, in the town of Curitiba in the south of the country.

Have you ever worked with another fashion brand?

So far I haven’t done any collaborations, but I’m open to any proposals. If this were to happen, I would use the exclusive prints made by autistic people in different types of products such as accessories, shoes, jewellery and interior decoration.

Where do you distribute Sui Generis Art Wear?

To date, we have been selling our products in Brazil, mainly through our e-commerce site.

What is the social value of your brand?

Sui Generis Art Wear is a social enterprise dedicated to the cause of autism. I have a deep connection with autism, as I have a nephew with the condition. In 2018, I decided to produce shirts featuring abstract artwork created by my nephew and other autistic people. Art is an integral part of autism therapy. In addition, ten per cent of sales were donated to Contact, an organisation that supports the families of autistic people. Since then, we have continued this project and Sui Generis is now recognised as a social enterprise.

“We buy pieces of art created by people with autism, which provides them with an income and promotes social inclusion.”

Elisa Serra Negra

After each sale, we make a contribution to reputable organisations that support autism. Every second item of clothing sold is equivalent to an hour’s therapy for autistic people in vulnerable situations.

What do you expect from your participation in Impact-Who’s Next (WSN)?

I want to share with the world the story of Sui Generis Art Wear and its connection with the cause of autism. I think it’s important to show how a fashion brand can help to improve the lives and promote the social inclusion of a specific group, in this case people with autism. The aim is for fashion to have a positive social impact and create collaborations with other brands.

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