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Portugal : APICCAPS a new player in shoes?

In Portugal, one of Europe’s most popular local regions for the manufacture of ethical fashion products, APICCAPS is a collective of shoe and accessory manufacturers. Founded in 1975 in Porto, this national association represents several sectors of activity linked to footwear and leather goods such as bags, wallets, gloves and belts. With its 700 members and companies, APICCAPS aims to federate local know-how and promote and develop new techniques for product innovation.

Today, the Portuguese footwear industry is booming, particularly in the sneaker category, with exports to over 16 countries. On the European market, the Portuguese footwear industry is promoted as the trendiest player. In France, the main export market for the Portuguese footwear industry, 410 million euros were generated in 2017 thanks to the export of 16 million pairs of shoes.

With a total of 82 million pairs of shoes exported worldwide and a record value of 1965 million euros in 2017, the Portuguese footwear industry continues to grow. This growth is also reflected in the creation of more than 7,948 jobs since 2010, bringing the total to 40,080 jobs in the sector in Portugal.”explains APICCAPS in a press release.

An investment of 600 million euros over the next 8 years

To consolidate its international position, the Portuguese footwear industry will invest 600 million euros over the next 8 years. The Footwear Cluster’s new 2030 strategic plan, presented by APICCAPS, focuses on the qualification of people and companies, the sustainability of products and processes, flexibility and rapid response, and a strong market presence.

At present, the sector continues to face major challenges such as a shortage of skilled labor, rising production costs and changing consumer preferences. “Nevertheless, the Portuguese footwear industry remains forward-looking, focusing on sustainability, creativity and qualification to strengthen its international competitiveness”, says APICCAPS


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