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Better Cotton revolutionises the cotton sector with a traceability solution

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has just announced the launch of a traceability solution which it describes as a revolutionary for the fashion and textile industries. “This solution, developed over three years, offers complete visibility of the cotton’s journey through the supply chain”.explains the organisation in a press release. An initiative that enables retailers and fashion brands to accurately trace the origin of raw materials, comply with emerging regulations, and promote transparency in their supply chains.

Greater visibility of the supply chain

Better Cotton, which represents over a fifth of the world’s cotton production, has brought together a network of member retailers and brands to develop this unique solution. Participants include industry giants such as H&M Group, Marks & Spencer, Walmart, Target, Bestseller, Gap Inc and C&A. This collaboration ensures that fashion companies are able to verify the origin of the raw materials in their products, an increasingly important aspect as consumers demand greater transparency about the origin of the products they buy.

The traceability of cotton offers many advantages, both for companies and for consumers. It enables retailers and member brands to ensure that their products are made from cotton from specific sources and establishes greater visibility over the supply chain.

I’m excited about this new chapter for the organisation, as we move towards our goal of deepening our impact on cotton growing and communities, and I look forward to hearing from our members as they begin to source better quality, traceable cotton,” underlines Alan McClay, CEO of Better Cotton.

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), or Better Cotton for short, is the world’s largest cotton sustainability programme. « In just over a decade, we’ve convinced industry stakeholders to become our partners. Farmers, ginners, spinners, suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, civil society organisations, donors and governments. »

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