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Heartbeat : 8 beautiful European upcycling brands

While circularity symbolizes a new era of environmental awareness and creative innovation,upcycling is booming. Across Europe – to mention only this region of the world in this article – a growing number of brands have embraced this approach, transforming reclaimed materials and used products into innovative fashion items. Here are 8 European favorite brands that excel in the art of upcycling, each with its own unique signature and commitment to sustainability.

1. MaisonCléo (France)

Based in Lille, in the north of France, MaisonCléo stands out for its collection of handmade, made-to-measure garments. Using fabric scraps from leading fashion houses, the brand embodies the essence of sustainable fashion while offering a touch of exclusivity and elegance.

2. Fanfare Label (UK)

With its British roots, Fanfare Label is an upcycling pioneer that also uses advanced recycling techniques to transform existing materials into contemporary fashion pieces..

3. Kistaku (France)

An original creation by Jaira, the founder, Kistaku stands out for its line of women’s clothing created through upcycling. Each piece, unique and influenced by various cultures, is considered a work of art, underlining the brand’s commitment to environmental preservation.

4. Rave Review (Sweden)

This luxury Swedish brand brings a breath of fresh air to the world of upcycling, transforming vintage textiles into haute couture creations. Rave Review proves that sustainability and luxury can coexist harmoniously.

5. Enneges (Spain)

Enneges brings its vision of “street couture” to the world of upcycling. Using recycled materials, the brand offers limited-edition creations that blend boldness and personalization.

6 . Myar (Italy)

Founded by Andrea Rosso, Myar reinvents military garments into contemporary pieces. In doing so, the brand is helping to reduce waste in the fashion industry, proving that the old can be transformed into the new with vision and ingenuity.

7. Anekdot (Germany)

Specializing in upcycling materials from production scraps, deadstocks and vintage accessories to create underwear, swimwear and loungewear, handmade in Berlin.

8. 1/OFF (Netherlands)

Born at Amsterdam Fashion Week, 1/OFF embodies the spirit of upcycling by transforming high-end design identities. Their approach, inviting a break with conventional fashion, embraces a cycle of continuous inspiration and reinvention.

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